5.3 Schedules for Flare Tip Inspection

lengthy planning for flare inspection

Flare access, follows lengthy planning

Inspection Schedules for flare tips vary with:

  • The age of the plant, (and how stable the process is under us the operating envelope of the flare)
  • The age and length of service of the flare
  • The flare tip type, design, and design detail
  • The day-to-day purge rate
  • The Flare Tips service history

As a rule inspections would be:

  • CVI; at any opportunity that allows access to the flare, this will generally be during a TAR or shutdown every 3 to 4 years, however unplanned opportunities may arise
  • Flyby; will generally be undertaken two years following installation and then either annually or biannually depending on the last flare report and its recommendations

“there is no substitute to a good CVI”

Flyby inspections are also often undertaken 6 to 8 months before any planned shutdown or TAR in order to determine a scope of work.

If in doubt or would like assistance planning your inspection requirements please contact us.

Argo Flares inspection reports, generally provide an a realistic “expected remaining service life” as well as future inspection requirements and any other observations made.