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Flare Spares

Flare Spares

Argo is uniquely placed to source all your flare spares.

From capital spares such as flare tips and pilot burners to minor spares for electronic, flame front and pellet ignition systems such as pressure gauges, valves, PCV spares kits, cable, transformers, piezo ignitors, thermocouples and ignition pellets, Argo is used as a consultancy and spares supply source by term contractors / asset managers.

We will audit your spares inventory and fill in the gaps where necessary.

Argo also specifies and supplies, nuts, bolts, gaskets and flange shields for flare terminations. These are provided with a joint make-up procedure to eliminate the potential of base flange leakage – a frequent problem with flares.

“Argo provide a full spares support for all products we have supplied.”

We also supply / manufacture replacement Parts for OEM equipment such as:

Argo Flares have a fast-track design and supply service for all urgent materials. For more information please visit our flare crisis management page.

Crisis Management
Should you unexpectidly find serious defects during a Flare tip CVI, Argo Flares can provide a bespoke design solution to get your Flare back to a servicable condition.

  • Pilot Assemblies, with enhanced nozzle materials
  • Flame Front (FF) Ignition Systems
  • High Energy (HE) Ignition Systems
  • High Tension (HT) Ignition Systems
  • Ignition Control panels
  • Windfences, wind shields
  • Inspirators
  • Manifolds
  • Tulip Assemblies for Coanda Flares. (with Upgraded materials and design enhancements)
  • Interface bolts and gaskets (complete with recomended torques)
  • Pressure Regulators /Pressure Indicators/ Pressure Guages
  • Valves / Flanges / fittings and much more

For further information or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

Through our Flare Rental & Sourcing (FlareShare) Service, Argo Flares provide a flare rental service. We have a number of flares on standby with capacities up to 450 mmscfd. We can supply both HP and LP flare tips for any duration of time.