Flare Refurbishment “FLAREREPAIR”

Refurbished Flare

A typical flare before and after refurbishment

Flare Repair

is a cost effective alternative to re-designing or purchasing a new flare. Argo Flares carryout flare inspection and flare refurbishment contracts for many clients in the North Sea, such as Apache, BP Talisman, Maersk and Bluewater. We provide our flare tip remanufacturing service as a two stage process:

Stage 1

  • Take delivery of the used flare tip
  • Dismantle, degrease, shot-blast, NDE and inspect the flare tip
  • Provide a detailed report with dimensional analysis and suitability for further use
  • Identify Flare design improvements based upon any failure mode and present them to the client for consideration
  • Provide a fixed cost for refurbishment of the flare to “as New” condition, with recommended upgrades as appropriate

Stage 2

  • Refurbish and rebuild the Flare including agreed upgrades
  • Supply ‘as new’ flare tip complete with any required ancillary items
  • Provide Flange bolting and Torque Procedure
  • Provide a detailed and indexed MRB, (and OIM if required)
  • Provide assistance in arranging the Flare change-out, if required

Refurbishment costs are typically less than half the cost of a new flare.


  • Maintaining the original design characteristics (providing no process change), thus no additional process studies are required
  • Within the original weights
  • Supporting site services
  • Supplying Flare interface bolting, gaskets and torques
  • Supporting inspection service
  • At reduced cost
  • Providing greater life expectancy
  • Reducing material usage and thus CO2 emissions, (lower environmental impact)

Advantages of using Argo to refurbish your flares:

“turn your used flare, into your contingency spare – while learning from previous operating experience”

  • By refurbishing your flares with material upgrades and specific detail changes, you avoid all the costs associated with changing the type of flare installed. For example, design checks on Noise / Radiation / Backpressure reviews / etc. whilst improving the life expectancy of the flare.
  • We can apply many years of knowledge to any flare design to give an unbiased opinion and suggest options which will work for you.
  • Lower Costs along with a reduced CO2 impact.