Do flares need lifting lugs?

damaged flare lifting lug

Damaged flare lifting lug

As a rule Argo Flares recommend that flare tips are not fitted with lifting lugs. New flares may be installed using lifting lugs, however due to the high potential of damage whilst in service, it is always strongly recommended that “Flare Tip Lifting Lugs are NOT used once a flare that has seen service”.
Once a Flare is been in service, they should be soft slung only.
Flare tips should be soft slung for removal.
The photograph on this page shows a damaged lifting lug, which admittedly is excessive, and in a condition that no one would contemplate using, but is included to stress a point.
Thus if a flare is being removed using soft slings, they can be installed using soft slings. This eliminates the possibility of future use.
Some OEMs provide lifting lugs manufactured in carbon steel, with the intention they “burn-off” whilst in service.