Flare Tip Design and Refurbishment

Argo Coanda Flare - Close to Full Flow

Argo Coanda Flare - Close to Full Flow

Argo Flare Services’ strength is in flare system design and manufacture, with a focus on design enhancements that provide increased service life expectancy and enhanced flaring performance.

Using our vast experience* gained from offshore inspections as well as our strong flare refurbishment business, we have an intimate knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the various flare tip technologies available and can offer the most appropriate flare tip design for each application.

All new flares supplied by Argo (as with our refurbishments) incorporate** life enhancing improvements which serve to extending the operating time between flare change-outs, the costs of which can be signficant considering both the shutdown time and installation costs.

To save on capital expenditure, flare structural design and fabrication can be sourced locally with Argo Flare Services providing the process critical flare system components.

New replacement flare tips are supplied to meet your existing operating characteristics as well as interface dimensions and can be supplied with or without an associated compatible flare ignition system.

“Invest in Experience and Knowledge”


  • Always hold a contingency flare – a flare tip is a critical piece of safety equipment essential for continuous operation
  • Bear in mind the long lead times associated with high temperature resistant flare tip materials. These are sometimes on mill deliveries.

Argo Flare Services employ some of the most experienced flare engineers in the industry. The company regularly inspects and services flare tips regardless of the OEM and as such have encounted and resolved many of the flaring issues experienced by oil and gas operators.

Rather than replacing a damaged flare tip with a direct replacement – consider the extensive experience that is available from a flare service company like Argo and contact us to see what improvements could be made.

For further information on specific flare tips, flare material data and a wealth of other information including recomendations, hints and tips please take a look around our research area.

* Andy, Paul & Ray worked on the design and supply of Coanda flares throughout the 1980’s and 90’s whilst working for Kaldair, and have since continued to support and enhance this technology whilst working at Argo Flare Services.
** Various enhancements may be offered in addition to a ‘base’ proposal. Our engineers are always happy to talk you through these.