Flare System Design & Supply

New flare, boxed and ready for delivery

New flare, packed and ready for delivery

In addition to the provision of inspection, maintenance and flare refurbishment services we also offer a complete design and supply service for new or replacement flare tip projects.

The following information is required to enable our engineers to offer the most appropriate and economic design for your application:

  • Flow rate
  • Gas composition
  • Gas condition (temperature, available pressure)
  • Utility availability (power, fuel gas, air etc.)
  • Location & site conditions
  • Environmental considerations / requirements

In the case of a replacement flare tip, the available information is evaluated in conjunction with the existing restrictions such as termination details, weight restrictions and radiation limits where possible.

For a new flare, we provide a flare data sheet for the proposed flare tip and ignition system.  This provides the client with key information such as flare configuration, termination details, proposed materials of construction, number of pilots, flare tip back pressure, minimum purge gas requirement, pilot gas consumption as well as noise data.  A pressure flow curve will also be generated and radiation isopleths provided for the specified design cases.

Although the flare system will have a design life commensurate with that of the plant, the flare tip may require changing a number of times during this period.  For this reason it is worth noting that material selection has a significant impact on the tip lifecycle.  However, this comes at additional cost.  The selection of a suitable high temperature resistant alloy will provide a significant extension in life expectancy and provide much greater savings in operational and maintenance costs in the long term.  Argo has many years’ experience inspecting flare tips and our engineers have an excellent understanding of the fine balance between material performance, cost and life expectancy.

The selection of a suitably robust and reliable ignition system is just as important as the design of the flare tip itself.  Argo can also advise and offer the most appropriate ignition system for each application and supply the unit complete with pilot gas regulation, manual or automatic control panel(s) and suitable flame monitoring equipment.

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From concept to completion and throughout the operational life of the flare system Argo will be with you every step of the way.