Argo Flares Literature & Downloads

New flare being lowered into place

New flare being lowered into place

Argo have a range of literature that can be downloaded here for your convenience. If you have any questions relating to our sevices or would like any additional information please use the details on our contact page to get in touch.

Argo Flares Brochure

Argo Flare Services’ brochure is available as a PDF download as well as a hard copy.  Use this page to download your copy.  Alternatively you can request a brochure to be sent by post using our contact form or by emailing Andy Tallentire.  The brochure contains:

  • The Beginning
  • Flare Refurbishments – FlareRepair
  • Flare Inspection – FlareCare
  • Flare System Design & Supply
  • Flare Spares – FlareSpare
  • Flare Rental & Sourcing – FlareShare

Download our Brochure (PDF 795KB)

Argo Flares ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Our company QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Registration.  Certificate Number: FS 648830

Download Argo ISO 9001-2015 Certificate (PDF 97KB)

Argo Flares Company Overview

Our company overview covers our products, services, experience and operating areas.

Download the Argo Flares Company Overview (PDF 126KB)

Argo Flares End User List

Our end user list details the operators and engineering / term contractors we’ve worked with as well as the global locations we’ve operated in.

Download the Argo Flares End User List (PDF 70KB)

Argo Offshore Flare Inspections Brochure

Argo have undertaken flare inspections for many operators. Our Offshore Flare Inspections Brochure details our service offering, clients and contacts.

Download our Offshore Flare Inspections Brochure (PDF 96KB)

Argo Flares Aerial Inspections (Helicopter Fly-By)

Argo Flare Services has a vast amount of offshore and onshore flare inspection experience. Using the experience of Argo combined with an Aberdeen based industrial photographer, Argo Flares can offer the industry a highly effective means of flare inspection.

Download our Flare Aerial Inspections Brochure (PDF 288KB)

Flare System Design

Argo Flare Services offer a unique approach to supporting the oil and gas industry with the design, supply and operation of flare systems both onshore and offshore.

Download our Flare System Design Brochure (PDF 86KB)